Anti Craving Herbs (Copy)

Very effective against any intense craving for smoking or nicotine, and can be used under any stressful situation, especially the first few weeks after giving up smoking.


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Very effective aid after quit smoking

  • It has an emidiet effect in blocking the intense desire for a cigarette after quitting.
  • Replacing the positive expectation of smoking with quite negative and an unpleasant reaction.
  • Preventing quitter from relapsing under sudden craving for nicotine.
  • And has a long-term effect.

When can be used

  • It can be used after quitting and whenever you feel a strong desire or acute craving for nicotine or cigarette after you quit smoking.
  • We advise to use it as well, before attending any stressful situation or social activity, like a partying, attending a meeting or any activity in the presence of other smokers.
  • Each package comes with 2 sets, each set is 8 treatments and its enough approximately 1 week.

For a stronger and quicker effect: 

We advise to use it in combination with Anti Relapse Cigarette and Anti Nicotine Spray this combination will give you the best results and remove any sudden craving instantly.

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