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Some of the products that included in this kit

Anti Craving kit

A powerful collection of chosen aids, very helpful remedies for X-smoker who suffering from strong withdrawal symptoms or sever craving for nicotine, special in the first few weeks after quit smoking.


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The package has a powerful effect and contains several effective natural remedies, which help with

  • Reducing the unpleasant symptom
  • Keeping the quitter in control.
  • Removing the urge for Smoke
  • Cleaning the nicotine quickly from the body.

The Package Is very useful for X-smoker with strong withdrawal symptoms and during the smoking cessation process. The products in the package are very effective in combating the unpleasant feelings X-smokers experience under and after one has quit so that X smokers have much better control over their quitting decision. especially in the first 4 weeks of the smoking cessation.

When to use

  • The first few weeks after quitting, and whenever you feel acute craving getting intense after quitting.

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