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Preparation Kit

Before Quitting

A very important part of quit smoking is to have a good startup, and to be in advance aware of all stages and challenges one can face, under quit smoking and long after one has quit until you are fully...


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  • The kit has very essential advice on how to start up.
  • A full preparation plan on how to quit smoking and maintain nicotine free.
  • Evaluation and questionnaire ark, help you to measure and evaluate your motivation if you are really ready to start up
  • Get free Help
  • Please follows this instruction a few days before the actual quitting day
  • If you are interested in quitting, we can send you an “Evaluation questionnaire” that can help you to measure your motivation, and if you are really ready to quit! Please send us an email about your request, and we are more than happy to assist you the best we can

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