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Snus-free session

Dr. Kimo chewing tobacco cessation is documented and approved for their highest and most successful result, with over 83% of course participants remaining not just chewing-free, but fully and completely nicotine free.


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In the Dr.Kimo snus-free program there are 2 types of courses:
A- “Main snus-free course” of 6 months.
B- “Mini 2 months snus-free course.
In the 2 options, all course participants stop them snus after 3 days, but the treatment will continue long after one has quit his snus habit and all way until the quitter is completely nicotine and not just snus-free.

A-Snus-free cessation, main course in 6 months.
This course has one of the best results, where all course participants quit snus after 3 days, and over 83% of participants remaining nicotine free long after quitting, regardless of how much or how long one used to snus.

This type, of course, is of great help, especially to those who previously proved several times to quit without success, or to corporate employees who are less motivated, but they organization want to have a nicotine free working place.

Course Contains

  • 26 treatments spread over 6 months.
  • 12 of this treatment with course leaders and lecture.
  • 4 extra privet consultations when needed.
  • Treatment includes all types of medications, aids and course material used throughout the 6-month course.

Pris: Pr course participants er 5900,- Nkr,

Registration fees 60 $, to be paid before course start (this amount will be deducted from course cost at the start of course) There is a possibility for installment arrangement in a request.

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